Launch Day

I’m so excited to be launching this new blog – yes new, as in I’ve had many. You’ve guessed it, I’m one of those moms. In all honesty none of those blogs ever went the way I had hoped, they had turned into things that felt forced and rehearsed. The labor of love turned into labor and not so much love.
I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to have a fresh start and to begin building a community here on Shell and Olive. One that grows organically out of love. Love for writing, love for mamahood, and meeting new friends. I hope to share my thoughts, maybe inspire a few along the way, but most of all stay real. Motherhood is messy and this mama is a mess, so no pretending to be perfect. Just unfiltered, unedited (ok maybe a little – girl needs her spell check), me!

So follow along, subscribe on the side and enjoy the ride!

As a thank you to all my new followers I’ve created a little freebie! A print with the verse that helped inspire the name!
Just hit the link below, download, print, and enjoy!
Psalms 52:8
Psalms 52:8