St. Patrick’s Day

So I’m not normally on top of my holiday crafting – I try. I fail. But I love St. Patrick’s Day – that whole 1/16th Irish in me comes out in all its green splendor! So what better craft for a hotmess mama than a printable coloring page!? None I tell you! None is better or easier for that matter!
So of to google I went and found the cutest printable from Land of Nod! Here’s the link to download! Just print and enjoy!!  St. Patrick’s Day Coloring Printable

The boys had fun, but I’m thinking we might have to have a little talk about what colors are St. Patrick’s favorite – not sure I’ve seen purple and black clovers before, but Bastian is quite the modern artist! T, on the other hand took a minimalistic approach – a swipe of pale green (which you cant even see) and a bite mark for good measure! 
Kiss the Blarney Stone, bite the coloring page! Totally the same thing!

It’s friday and we are Catholic – so no meat for us! I do however have a nice juicy brisket brining for my corned beef and cabbage, which we will likely have this weekend! Keep the festivities up I say! Why have a day when you can have a weekend!?
Here’s the recipe I used! Natasha Lawler’s Corned Beef  from Camille Styles

What do yall do the keep the holiday alive? Any family traditions? We are always looking to start new ones as our family grows, so I’d love to hear what y’all do to make the day special!

– MB